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You're probably wondering.... BLUE DOG HOME GROUP? What does BLUE DOG have to do with homes... and what is a.. BLUE DOG? Well, meet the President of the Company, my dog Shady, the Blue Heeler. (PICTURES BELOW)

Shady is an Australian Cattle Dog (Dog Breed). The Cattle Dog is a working/herding dog and they are nicknamed, Blue Heelers. They get this nickname because the color of their fur can have a slight bluish tone and they bite at the heels of the cattle to get them moving. They are extremely hardworking and loyal companions. They have a long history, but are not a very common breed in our area. Shady has been with me since I first started Real Estate and he is my best bud. So I figured, I'm a Loyal and Hard Working person, why not include his breed in the name. So here we are... Blue Dog Home Group!

As for me... My name is Nick and I have been a Real Estate Professional since 2016. I served in the United States Air Force from 2012-2016 and immediately hopped into Real Estate after my service ended. I started out by getting my Real Estate License and quickly started buying property. During the first year I met with many home-owners who were in very tough situations. All I wanted to do was help them!  Unfortunately, the education process for becoming a Licensed Real Estate Agent does not provide Real Estate Agents with the knowledge to assist and guide home-owners in these tough situations. The Licensing Process only teaches Agents how to go about the standard sale or purchase of a home. There is almost no mandatory education on Foreclosures, Lis Pendens, Tax Liens, Housing Repairs, Bankruptcy Filings,  Short Sales, and countless of other situations that home owners can find themselves in.

This is why Blue Dog Home Group was started. My goal was to be able to sit down with a home-owner in a tough situation, learn their situation, learn what they want to accomplish, and then provide them a professional recommendation as well as all of their options. This is very different from standard Real Estate Agents and Home Buying Companies. The common Agent and Home Buying Company backs you into a corner knowing that you may be in a desperate time and so they provide you one option. The way I am able to provide multiple options is because I have educated myself on these tough situations and have expanded my network to be able provide real solutions.

We work with anyone looking to SELL a home! We have worked with $1mm+ Waterview Homes, Extreme Hoarder Homes, Multi-Family Rentals, Vacant Land, and EVERYTHING in between! If you are planning to sell a home or you ended up in a tough situation with a property you own, we'd love to hear from you!

Looking forward to working with you.
Thank you for your time and support!
-Nick & Shady 

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